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Colour Lift Base Coat - Gel polish

Colour Lift Base Coat - Gel polish

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Glitterama Gel Polish

White colour lift base coat. Use under opaque gel polishes to make your colour pop. Use as a you would a normal base coat.



For best results use as a complete system. Prep nails as usual with Glitterama nail prep spray. Although a primer is not required, our Glitterama Powerbond primer is also designed to be used with this system for optimal adhesion.

Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure for 60 seconds under LED or UV before applying your layer of colour. Do not wipe the sticky layer. Apply colour in thin coats, curing between each coat for 60 seconds under LED or 120 seconds under UV. Finish off with Glitterama Gel Top Coat Clear (a no-wipe top coat) or Glitterama Tacky Top Coat.

Lamp specifications: this product has been thoroughly tested to work with LED or UV lamps that work at 350 - 410nm (within the approximate UVA range) 36 watt UV and 12 watt LED

 Hema content of our colour lift base coat is 0-0.1%

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